Sunday, May 14th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 370+ free custom ZBrush brushes from XMD Source

Games artist Michael Dunnam has made his latest collection of ZBrush brushes, Damage Kit 04, available to download for free from his website, XMD Source.

The set includes 47 brushes and their corresponding alphas for sculpting cracks in ground and walls, making a total of over 370 custom ZBrush brushes available for free on the site.

Download free custom ZBrush brushes ranging from all-purpose tools to kitbashing sets
We’ve covered Michael Dunnam’s free ZBrush brushes several times in the past, but he continues to release new content steadily.

By our count, XMD Source currently contains over 370 free brushes, although the effective total is higher, since many are InsertMultiMesh (IMM) brushes with multiple preset forms.

Individual sets are themed around subject matter including mechanical parts, clothing details, hair and skin, plus several sets devoted to creature textures and body parts.

The site also contains commercial resource sets, which you can access by taking out a paid subscription. Subscriptions cost $49.95/year, or there is a flat fee of $69.95 for lifetime membership.

Availability and system requirements
Michael Dunnam’s ZBrush brushes are supplied in ZBrush’s native ZBP format, with alphas in PSD format. The brushes are licensed for use in commercial work.

To download the free content, you will need to sign up for free membership on the site, then add the individual assets to your shopping cart.

Download over 370 free custom ZBrush brushes from XMD Source