Monday, January 9th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

The Gnomon Workshop ships Introduction to ZBrush 2022

The Gnomon Workshop has released Introduction to ZBrush 2022, a comprehensive guide to Maxon’s industry-standard digital sculpting software, recorded by leading artist Madeleine Scott-Spencer.

The tutorial – a new version of the popular beginner-to-intermediate-level training course, updated for ZBrush 2022 – comprises over 20 hours of video training.

A complete guide to sculpting, texturing and rendering in ZBrush
For some years now, Ccott-Spencer’s ZBrush training for The Gnomon Workshop has provided an invaluable introduction to the software, and is updated with every major release of ZBrush.

The training begins with a quickstart tutorial for users entirely new to ZBrush, covering the process of sculpting a character bust from a base ZSphere.

As well as introducing the software’s interface and its key tools, it explains core ZBrush concepts like model resolution, subdivision levels and the DynaMesh system.

The workshop covers the entire ZBrush brush system, including 3D Alphas, VDM brushes, IMM brushes; how to use alphas to create details like skin pores and wrinkles; and how to paint skin textures.

Scott-Spencer also covers how to export assets from ZBrush to other software, including how to use the retopology and UV tools, and how to export colour, normal and displacement maps for rendering.

Other key topics covered include managing complex models with SubTools, using Polygroups for more accurate modelling, sculpting and painting in layers, posing figures, and preparing sculpts for 3D printing.

As well as the training videos, viewers can download project files to help them follow the workshop.

About the artist
Madeleine Scott-Spencer has worked in visual effects, toy and collectible design, and the design of digital maquettes for concept work for over a decade.

She has worked for leading VFX facilities including Gentle Giant Studios, Weta Workshop, Weta Digital and DNEG, on movies including The Hobbit trilogy, Wonder Woman and Valerian.

Pricing and availability
Introduction to ZBrush 2022 is available via an online subscription to The Gnomon Workshop, giving you access to over 300 detailed tutorials. Subscriptions cost $49/month or $490/year.

Read more about Introduction to ZBrush 2022 on The Gnomon Workshop’s website

Full disclosure: CG Channel is owned by Gnomon.