Sunday, January 31st, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download five free loopable OpenVDB smoke animations

VFX artist Between Two Pines has released a pack of five free looping simulations of jets of steam or smoke in OpenVDB format for use in 3D scenes. The assets can be used in commercial projects.

The files can be imported into any DCC app that supports VDB files, including Blender and Houdini, and rendered directly in render engines including Arnold, OctaneRender, Redshift and V-Ray.

Availability and system requirements
The simulations are provided as sequences of per-frame caches in .vdb format.

They’re free to download via Between Two Pines’ Gumroad store by entering a figure of $0, although if you like the assets, you can choose to make a voluntary donation.

The assets exceed Gumroad’s limit for free content – each is around 2GB in size – so the initial download is a text document with the URL of the Google Drive with the files themselves.

Download five free loopable simulations of smoke or steam via Between Two Pines’ Gumroad store