Sunday, August 25th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 69 free game-ready motion-capture animations

Animator Siarhei Chekolian’s pack of 69-game ready mocap animations suitable for NPC characters is available to download for free from Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The assets, which normally cost around $15, feature in Epic Games’ free marketplace content for August 2019, part of its ongoing series of monthly UE4 asset drops.

In-place idle animations for NPC characters, provided in FBX and UE4 formats
The files comprise a range of in-place animations, including idle cycles and characters talking, stretching or looking around, and are licensed for commercial use.

All of the motions are provided both as source FBX files and for Unreal Engine. They should work with the standard Epic skeleton.

Pricing and availability
Siarhei Chekolian’s Generic NPC Anim Pack is available for Unreal Engine 4.11+ for a range of desktop and mobile platforms. The download includes source files in FBX format.

The asset pack is free to download until 31 August 2019.

Download Siarhei Chekolian’s Generic NPC Anim Pack from Unreal Engine Marketplace