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Epic Games Slovakia releases RealityCapture 1.2.1

Originally posted on 29 July 2021. Scroll down for news of the RealityCapture 1.2.1 update.

Epic Games Slovakia has updated RealityCapture, its photogrammetry and laser scan data processing tool.

RealityCapture 1.2 is the first major update to the software since original developer Capturing Reality was acquired by Epic Games.

Codenamed ‘Tarasque’, the release adds new features for generating cross sections and contour lines when reconstructing terrain, plus experimental new orthomosaic rendering and editing tools.

It is also now possible to detect misaligned cameras automatically, and depth map generation is “2x” faster.

Converts large mixed data sets into clean production assets
Originally released in 2016, RealityCapture generates accurate triangle-based meshes of real-world objects, ranging from people and props to complete environments.

It is capable of tackling very large mixed data sets, even on laptops and low-end hardware.

The software is widely used in the entertainment industry to generate assets for use in games and VFX projects, but also includes functionality aimed at aerial surveying and urban planning work.

New in RealityCapture 1.2: new tools for reconstructing 3D terrain from aerial surveys
Most of the new features in RealityCapture 1.2 are geared towards aerial survey work, including an experimental new toolset for rendering and editing orthomosaics.

The software can also generate cross sections and contour lines automatically on reconstructed 3D terrain.

Users can also create a vector selection in a 2D view and have RealityCapture calculate the height profile for its boundaries, and the surface area and volume it encloses.

Workflow and performance improvements
General workflow improvements include an experimental system for detecting misaligned cameras automatically with the Inspect tool, and finer control over LOD (Level of Detail) exports.

In addition, calculation of depth maps is now “even 2x” or more faster.

Updated 23 November 2022: Epic Games Slovakia has released RealityCapture 1.2.1.

Semi-automated export to Unreal Engine 5
The update streamlines the process of transferring large data sets from RealityCapture to Unreal Engine, Epic Games’ game engine and real-time renderer, for previs, virtual production and visualisation work.

Users get a new set of command-line import scripts and new photogrammetry importer widget for Unreal Engine 5, both officially still in beta.

Export low-res versions of scans to Sketchfab without using PPI credits
In addition, anyone on RealityCapture’s pay-as-you-go PPI plans can now export low-resolution versions of models to Sketchfab – also owned by Epic Games – without using PPI credits.

Exported models can be sold via Sketchfab’s online model store, although free exports are limited to 300,000 polygons and a single 4K texture.

Anyone exporting a model from RealityCapture to Sketchfab will get a one-year Sketchfab Pro account – usually priced at $180/year – for free.

Other changes: new Cesium export options, extended build expiry date
Other changes include the option to upload to geospatial data platform Cesium via the Map Wizard, better handling of the UDIM UV layout format, and the option to export material information in FBX files.

The build expiry date – the maximum period of time a version of the software can be used before an update becomes mandatory – has been extended to five years, making it easier to deploy in production pipelines.

Pricing and system requirements
RealityCapture 1.2.1 is available for Windows 7+ and Windows Server 2008+. It’s CUDA-based, so you will need a CUDA 3.0-capable Nvidia GPU.

Perpetual Enterprise licences now cost $3,750; pay-per-input (PPI) plans, where the software is free, but users buy credits to process scan data, cost $10 for 3,500 credits, or $20 for 8,000 credits.

Read an overview of the new features in RealityCapture 1.2.1 on Epic Games Slovakia’s website

Read an overview of the new features in RealityCapture 1.2 on Epic Games Slovakia’s website

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