Monday, March 21st, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Antoine Bagattini’s free Blender add-on BagaPie V6

Architectural visualisation artist and tools developer Antoine Bagattini has released BagaPie V6, a major update to his free scattering, object distribution and 3D modelling modifier for Blender.

The update adds new generators for architectural assets including stairs, floors, beams, pipes and columns; plus proxy support and camera culling for instances, and the option to scatter instances by texture.

A versatile Blender add-on for shot layout, architectural visualisation and motion graphics work
First released last year, BagaPie is a fast-evolving “all-in-one add-on” for Blender, particularly for set dressing, architectural visualisation and motion graphics work.

Its features include a real-time Boolean modelling system, and object instancing, array generation and scattering, with the option to distribute instances parametrically, or to paint them onto a surface.

Bagattini also now includes Ivy Generator, his… well, free ivy generator for Blender, as part of BagaPie.

The scattering tools work with any 3D models, but Bagattini also develops BagaPie Assets, a library of readymade environment assets like rocks and trees designed for use with BagaPie.

BagaPie V6: more procedural generators for architectural assets, new options for object scattering
BagaPie V6 introduces a range of new procedural generators for architectural assets, building on the modifier’s existing procedural tools for generating walls and windows.

Users can now generate procedural staircases – there are options for both linear and spiral stairs – and handrails, plus floors, beams, pipes and columns, with a new option to save and edit custom assets.

Changes to the scattering toolset include new options to display scattered objects as proxy geometry, and camera culling for instances, both of which should improve interactive performance in the Blender viewport.

It is also now possible to use texture maps to control the distribution of instances.

In addition, Bagattini has released BagaPie Assets V2, adding over 100 assets to the library, for a total of 232.

System requirements
BagaPie V6 is free. BagaPie Assets V2 has a MSRP of $69. Both are compatible with Blender 3.0 and 3.1.

Download the BagaPie modifier for Blender free from Antoine Bagattini’s Gumroad store