Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Antoine Bagattini’s free Ivy Generator for Blender

Architectural visualisation artist and tools developer Antoine Bagattini has released Ivy Generator for Blender, a neat “fast and free” tool for generating procedural ivy in the open-source software.

The tool, which is based on the new geometry nodes features in Blender 3.0, automatically generates 3D ivy to cover any underlying mesh.

Good-looking, easily controllable 3D ivy for architectural visualisation and illustration in Blender
Like the free Ivy Gen plugin bundled with Blender, Ivy Generator procedurally generates ivy across the surface of any target geometry to which it is assigned

The control options look rather simpler than existing plugin, but you can control how dense the ivy is, its offset from the surface, and how far it spreads.

It also generates good-looking results, and it looks a lot of fun to use: both qualities that we’re sure will secure it a place in many architectural artists’ toolkits.

3ds Max users looking for a similar tool can also check out this free add-on from Guillermo Leal, which is based on the same open-source project as the native Blender ivy generator.

System requirements
Antoine Bagattini’s Ivy Generator is compatible with Blender 3.0. It’s a free download.

Download Antoine Bagattini’s Ivy Generator for Blender free from his Gumroad store