Monday, April 20th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Guillermo Leal’s new free ivy generator for 3ds Max

Architectural artist Guillermo M Leal LLaguno has released a neat new free ivy generator for 3ds Max.

The new tool provides an alternative to GuruWare’s popular – but no longer updatedgw::ivy plugin for recent versions of 3ds Max, and is based on the same open-source project: Thomas Luft’s Ivy Generator.

Generate photorealistic CG ivy climbing any surface within a 3ds Max scene
Like its predecessors, the new ivy generator automatically generates a branching network of ivy stems ‘climbing’ surrounding geometry, putting out leaves on the newer growth towards the top of the network.

The form of the resulting plant can be controlled through a range of parameters, affecting speed of growth, rate of branching, the influence of gravity, surface adhesion and density of leaves.

The leaves themselves can use multiple material IDs, and can be created as regular meshes or using Corona Scatter if Corona Renderer is installed and set as the default renderer.

The new generator is implemented as both a plugin and a script, and is designed to leave no dependencies in a scene, generating geometry that can then be rendered even without the plugin installed.

Availability and system requirements
Guillermo Leal’s new ivy generator is available for 3ds Max 2018-2020. It’s free, and has been used by Leal on his own professional projects, but is provided as is.

If you like the tool, you can support development by making a donation via the PayPal button towards the bottom of the webpage linked below.

Download Guillermo M Leal LLaguno’s free ivy generator for 3ds Max 2018+