Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Jaakko Saari’s free rock heightmap generator

3D modeller Jaakko Saari has released a free rock heightmap generator, designed to create realistic-looking, user-controllable rock surfaces.

The tool, which can be used for both real-time work and offline rendering, comes with controls for adjusting the form and scale of the rock features, as shown in the video above.

And that’s pretty much it: download the files via the link below and play around for yourself. Saari also has more complex commercial procedural rock materials available in his Gumroad store.

Availability and system requirements
Rock Height Generator is a Substance Designer scene, but Saari has also provided an .sbsar file that can be imported into any DCC package or game engine that supports Allegorithmic’s Substance materials.

Download Rock Height Generator for free from Jaakko Saari’s Gumroad store
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