Sunday, January 30th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get a free Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator for Blender

Tools developer RC12 – aka Rahul Chaudhary – has released Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator, a free Blender add-on that does just what its name suggests.

The tool, which is built using Blender’s Geometry Nodes system, generates attractive stylised procedural 3D trees with a procedural bark texture and a solid-colour leaf material.

Create simple stylised 3D trees in Blender, then export them to other DCC tools or game engines
Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator provides a basic range of options for customising the form of the tree, including controls for branch frequency and angle, leaf scale and density, and random distortion of the trunk.

Bark is generated by a procedural material, leaves by a simple solid-colour material, although the add-on does generate UVs, making it possible to assign custom textures to the model.

More advanced options include controls for generating hanging vines, with a wind animation system and a procedural system for generating falling leaves planned for future updates.

Once generated, trees can be exported from Blender in standard file formats, making it possible to use them in other DCC applications, or game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine.

Licensing and system requirements
Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator is available for Blender on Windows, Linux and macOS under a CC0 licence, including commercial use.

At the time of writing, it requires Blender 3.1, currently available in public beta, but support for the Blender 3.0 LTS release will be available “soon”.

Download Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator for free from RC12’s Gumroad page