Monday, April 26th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Greyscalegorilla goes subscription-only

Greyscalegorilla has officially launched Greyscalescalegorilla Plus, its cloud-based subscription service providing access to all of the firm’s Cinema 4D plugins, resources and training.

The subscription package, which also includes over 500 hours of video training, is now the only way to access Greyscalegorilla plugins like Topcoat, and its HDRI and material libraries.

Subscription-only access to all of Greyscalegorilla’s content
Originally introduced in 2019 as an “all-in-one training platform”, Greyscalegorilla Plus has since expanded to encompass the firm’s other products, starting with its materials and textures.

Greyscalegorilla’s plugins began to be added to Plus subscriptions in August 2020, with all of plugins becoming available to subscribers earlier this year.

Initially, some tools, like material-building plugin Topcoat and 3D city generator City Kit remained available as separate purchases, or via the firm’s Plugin Suite product bundle.

However, all eight Cinema 4D plugins are now only available via a Plus subscription, as are Greyscalegorilla’s 10 HDRI collections and 10 sets of materials, textures and LUTs.

Plus subscriptions provide access to content that used to cost over $8,000 if bought individually – although, obviously, you have to keep paying to retain access to it, unlike the old perpetual licences.

Pricing and system requirements
Greyscalegorilla Plus subscriptions cost $49/month or $399/year. You can find system requirements for Greyscalegorilla’s Cinema 4D plugins and resource collections in its online documentation.

Plus subscriptions also include over 500 hours of video training for Cinema 4D, Redshift, OctaneRender Arnold and Houdini, including courses on motion graphics, automotive and product visualisation.

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