Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out neat new 3ds Max cloth plugin Clothify Pro

3ds Max plugin developer Marius Silaghi has released Clothify Pro, a neat new tool for sculpting and animating cloth non-destructively.

The plugin makes it possible to pull surfaces into realistic cloth-like folds and wrinkles in real time, and works in parallel to any of 3ds Max’s other modifiers.

Sculpt surfaces into cloth-like folds, then deform them with other native 3ds Max modifiers
Like many of Marius Silaghi’s other Pro plugins, Clothify Pro provides a more advanced alternative to one of 3ds Max’s native features: in this case, the Cloth modifier.

It enables users to pull surfaces into realistic cloth-like folds and wrinkles in the viewport in real time, in a similar way to Blender’s Cloth Brush or ZBrush 2021’s new dynamics system.

Unlike other recent 3ds Max cloth add-ons like PolyCloth, Clothify Pro is implemented as a modifier, making it possible to combine with other native modifiers like Edit Poly, Skin, FFD, Bend and Path Deform.

It can be used with 3ds Max’s Freeform brushes, and parameters can also be controlled with soft selection, vertex weights or vertex colours.

Current limitations include a lack of support for volume preservation and collisions, including self-intersections, although Silaghi says “they rarely happen if the underlying mesh isn’t self-intersecting”.

Pricing and system requirements
Clothify Pro is compatible with 3ds Max 2013+. It costs €80 (around $94).

Read more about Clothify Pro on Marius Silaghi’s website