Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out Maya cloth tearing plugin TearKnit FX

UnPLUG Tools has released TearKnit FX, a new Maya plugin for animating cloth tearing. It uses an art-directable approach based on procedural geometry, reducing the need to use cloth simulation for VFX shots.

A non-simulation-based tool for animating torn cloth for VFX work
TearKnit FX continues UnPLUG Tools’ tradition of highly specific but weirdly compelling Maya add-ons: in this case for tearing cloth.

The hook is that, rather than using simulation, the software recreates the thread structure of the cloth procedurally, speeding up calculation, and making output more consistent.

UnPLUG suggests layering animations generated with TearKnit FX on top of simulated cloth for visual effects work, preserving the overall motion of the cloth, but making the tearing itself more controllable.

Pricing and system requirements
TearKnit FX 1.0 is available for Maya 2015+ on Windows, Linux and macOS. A single-user licence costs $30. Multi-user licences cost between $45 and $490 for unlimited users.

Read more about TearKnit FX for Maya on UnPLUG Tools’ Gumroad store