Thursday, February 27th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

iCube R&D Group ships MultiScatter 1.5 for 3ds Max

iCube R&D Group has released MultiScatter 1.5, the latest version of its scattering plugin for 3ds Max, updating the software’s MultiPainter object painting system, and improving viewport performance.

The release also introduces new object distribution patterns, plus the ability to scatter V-Ray lights.

A versatile renderer-agnostic scattering plugin for 3ds Max
Commonly used to distribute vegetation or buildings in architectural images, MultiScatter enables 3ds Max users to scatter “hundreds of thousands and millions” of instanced objects through a scene.

Distribution, scaling and rotation of objects can be randomised, or controlled via procedural textures or texture maps, with the result displayed in the viewport in real time.

Unlike its predecessor, VRayScatter (discontinued for 3ds Max, but still available for Maya), it is renderer agnostic, and works with Arnold, Corona, FStorm Render, Maxwell, Mental Ray, OctaneRender and V-Ray.

New in MultiScatter 1.5: improved painting tools, more object distribution options
MultiScatter 1.5 features a “significantly improved” version of MultiPainter, the plugin’s brush-based system for placing objects directly in a scene.

The release notes don’t go into detail, but the video above shows automatic collision avoidance for objects placed by overlapping brush strokes, and a real-time ray traced preview of the result.

The update also adds new object distribution options, including distribution via reference objects, distribution in an ordered sequence along splines, and “group scattering”.

The update also makes it possible to scatter V-Ray lights; and adds support for multiple camera clipping.

Pricing and system requirements
MultiScatter 1.5 is available for 3ds Max 2015+ running on Windows 7+. Previous versions of the plugin are compatible with older versions of 3ds Max. It costs €200 (around $220)

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