Tuesday, December 24th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Quixel ships Bridge 2019.5

Quixel has released Bridge 2019.5, the latest version of its app for exporting assets from its Megascans online library of 3D scan data to game engines and DCC tools.

The update – the first since the firm was acquired by Epic Games last month – revamps the software’s integration with Unreal Engine.

The new UE4 plugin – rewritten “from the ground up” in C++ – can be used to export any Megascans asset to the game engine, where they can be used for free in Unreal Engine projects.

Automatically convert Megascans data for use in game engines and DCC tools
A content-management tool for the Megascans library, Bridge is designed for browsing, previewing, downloading, organising and exporting scanned 3D assets.

Users can choose the format in which to download materials – there are presets for third-party tools, including a choice of metalness and specular workflows – plus the resolution and file format of texture maps.

Geometry can be downloaded in OBJ or FBX format at a range of LODs.

Bridge can then package assets into a format suitable for use in Unreal Engine or Unity and a range of DCC applications, including 3ds Max, Maya and Houdini, with presets for common third-party renderers.

New in Bridge 2019.5: fully rewritten Unreal Engine integration
Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its new owner, Bridge 2019.5 overhauls the software’s Unreal Engine plugin.

The new integration is written in C++, which removes the old dependency on UnrealEnginePython, and means that it runs natively on macOS and Linux as well as Windows.

There are new default UE4 Master Materials for surfaces, decals, foliage and 3D assets; a “robust” new LOD export system; and channel packing has been overhauled.

Export any Megascans asset to Unreal Engine for free
Since the acquisition, Unreal Engine users have been able to use Megascans assets for free in UE4 projects.

Although some content is available as free downloadable asset packs from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, Bridge now provides a more flexible, and more comprehensive, way to access Megascans data.

Pricing and system requirements
Bridge 2019.5 is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Since Epic Games acquired Quixel, the software itself has been free to download regardless of whether you use Unreal Engine. Megascans assets are only free for use in UE4 projects.

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