Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Masterpiece VR launches Masterpiece Studio

MasterpieceVR has launched Masterpiece Studio, a new product suite comprising virtual reality sculpting and painting app Masterpiece Creator and rigging tool Masterpiece Motion.

The company has introduced combined subscription pricing for the tools, and released a new export-disabled trial edition of the software.

Sculpt 3D assets and pose and rig 3D characters in virtual reality
Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion enable users to sculpt 3D assets and rig characters in virtual reality, using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift controllers.

The sculpting toolset is the most established: the firm launched it in 2017 under the name MasterpieceVR.

It provides a set of standard 3D modelling features, simplified for use in VR, including support for layers, guides, snapping, mirroring, decimation and automatic remeshing and UV unwrapping.

The product was joined earlier this year by character rigging and posing tool Masterpiece Motion, which enables users to place bones and paint weight maps in virtual reality.

Both import and export 3D assets in a range of standard formats, including OBJ and FBX; and Masterpiece Motion can export rigged characters to a range of common DCC applications.

You can find more details in our original story.

The new Masterpiece Studio product suite bundles both tools as a single subscription, priced at $44.95/month for a node-locked licence or $74.95/month for a floating licence.

For comparison, on launch, Masterpiece Motion cost $14.95/month for a node-locked licence, or $29.95/month for a floating licence. The old perpetual licence of MasterpieceVR costs $29.99 on Steam.

System requirements
Masterpiece Studio is available for 64-bit Windows 10. You can download an export-disabled trial edition from MasterpieceVR’s website, which includes all of the other features of the commercial version.

Read more about Masterpiece Studio on MasterpieceVR’s website