Saturday, May 1st, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Masterpiece Studio launches Masterpiece Studio Pro

Masterpiece Studio has officially launched Masterpiece Studio Pro, its VR product suite comprising virtual reality sculpting and painting app Masterpiece Creator and rigging tool Masterpiece Motion.

The release adds a new blendshape system, and updates the mesh decimation and remeshing systems.

Sculpt, texture and rig 3D characters inside virtual reality
We covered Masterpiece Studio when it launched in 2019, since when it has officially come out of beta and gained a ‘Pro’ on the end of its name. For an overview of its capabilities, check out our original story.

Since then, new features include a new system for creating facial blend shapes in VR, shown in the video at the top of the story, and “more precise placement” when rigging or skinning 3D characters.

The “very basic” mesh decimation and remeshing system has also been updated, and now uses the same underlying technology as ZBrush.

Pricing and system requirements
Masterpiece Studio Pro is available for Windows 10. It is compatible with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs, and with Oculus, HTC, Valve and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The software is rental-only. Freelancer subscriptions for individuals or studios earning under $200,000/year cost $19.95/month or $179.95/year; Team subscriptions cost $39.95/month/user or $359.95/year/user.

The current pricing is is described as a limited-time offer, but according to Masterpiece Studio, anyone taking out a subscription at the launch price will be “locked in at this rate”.

Read more about Masterpiece Studio Pro on the product website

Read an overview of workflow in Masterpiece Studio Pro in the online documentation