Friday, March 30th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Clarisse adds support for Nvidia’s OptiX denoising

Isotropix has released a service pack update for Clarisse 3.6, its 2D/3D rendering system, adding support for Nvidia’s OptiX AI-based denoising system.

The news makes Isotropix the latest developer to integrate OptiX denoising into a renderer: the technology has also been adopted by Chaos Group in V-Ray Next and cebas in finalRender Drop 1.

Real-time denoising in the 3D View and fast denoising for final renders
OptiX denoising – which is introduced in the demo video above by the not terribly reassuring slogan ‘Skynet is here’ – is available both as a real-time system in the 3D View and as a filter for final renders.

In both cases, the aim is the same: to generate useably noise-free images faster than by allowing a render to resolve normally.

As OptiX only works on Nvidia GPUs, Isotropix has also introduced CDenoise, a new command-line tool intended as a workaround for facilities that don’t use Nvidia cards in their render farms.

It enables users to batch-denoise rendered frames on dedicated machines equipped with Nvidia GPUs.

Pricing and availability
Clarisse 3.6 SP1 is available for Windows 7+, RHEL and CentOS 6+ Linux and Mac OS X 10.9+. The service pack is free to users with active maintenance plans.

The software costs $999 for a single node-locked ‘Clarisse for Indies’ licence, or $2,899 per floating licence. Prices include one year’s maintenance. See more pricing and rental options here.

Read more about support for OptiX denoising in Clarisse on Isotropix’s website