Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Chaos Group releases V-Ray software development kit

Chaos Group has released V-Ray AppSDK, a new software development kit intended to help other firms integrate V-Ray’s rendering technology into their software, rather than writing their own render engines.

As well as V-Ray’s traditional user base in entertainment and visualisation work, the company is targeting a wide range of industry sectors, from aerospace design to virtual reality.

Accelerating V-Ray’s penetration of new markets
In some ways, the new SDK simply formalises what Chaos Group is already doing with its development partners on an ad hoc basis.

Last year, the firm announced that it was partnering with CL3VER, the online platform for authoring interactive 3D architectural presentations, to develop a new range of “cutting-edge visualisation products”.

V-Ray technology also powers Project Felix, Adobe’s new lighting and rendering tool for graphic designers.

To that, Chaos Group’s news release adds a longish list of target markets, including “home, kitchen and bath design”, car configurators, retail and virtual showrooms, scientific visualisation, and augmented reality.

In addition, the SDK will make it easier to integrate V-Ray into DCC and CAD tools: the renderer’s traditional home market, and one it which it has recently been facing increased competition from open-source technologies like AMD’s Radeon ProRender and Blender’s Cycles engine.

Functionality and pricing
On a technical level, the SDK provides support for a range of standard API bindings, including Python, C#, JavaScript (in the shape of Node.js), and C++, plus documentation, code samples, test scenes and presets.

The SDK is priced on enquiry: you can fimd a contact form via the link below.

Read more about V-Ray AppSDK on Chaos Group’s website