Thursday, December 17th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Chaos Group’s free Guide to VR

Chaos Group has released Guide to VR: a free downloadable 22-page guide to creating successful virtual reality projects with pre-rendered content, setting out best practices for a range of technical issues.

Key principles for designing successful virtual reality experiences
Given that the ebook was produced by Chaos Group, some of the content is tailored to V-Ray, but the majority is applicable to any 3D software.

Topics covered include the differences between current VR headsets, setting the correct scale and camera placement for a 3D scene, and how to ensure that viewers don’t get motion sickness.

The advice was compiled by VFX veteran and director of Chaos Group Labs Christopher Nichols, Justin Denton, head of Legend3D’s VR division, and Kim Baumann Larsen, creative director for the World Building Institute.

The guide comes with two free downloadable projects showing how pre-existing content can be turned into a VR scene, shown in the demo video above.

Download Chaos Group’s free Guide to VR
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