Thursday, June 16th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Chaos Group’s free 60 page guide to GPU rendering


Chaos Group has released Guide to GPU, a free 60-page PDF providing an overview of the history, key trends and best practices in GPU rendering.

As you’d expect, a fair amount of the content is specific to V-Ray RT, V-Ray’s interactive render engine: the image we’re using on the CG Channel homepage, created by Dabarti, was rendered in V-Ray RT GPU.

However, there’s plenty for users of other software, including an overview of what tasks CPUs and GPUs are best at; how to select the right GPU; and the relative merits of professional and gaming GPUs.

The guide also covers recent trends in the market, such as the move from GDDR to HBM GPU memory; and a basic overview of how to optimise a scene for GPU rendering.

Contributors include Chaos Group labs director and VFX industry veteran Christopher Nichols and lead GPU developer Blagovest Taskov, but the writing should be accessible to complete beginners.

Download Chaos Group’s free guide to GPU rendering (Registration required)