Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Navié releases Effex 2.0 for Cinema 4D

An introduction to Effex 2.0, Navié’s new modular simulation framework for Cinema 4D. You can find more demo videos on the developer’s YouTube channel.

Developer Samir Kharchi has released Effex 2.0: a major update to his effects plugin for Cinema 4D.

Both have undergone something of a rebrand: the plugin has been renamed from DPIT Effex, while the company itself is now called Navié.

A complete effects framework for Cinema 4D
Kharchi describes the latest incarnation of Effex as a “modular, object-oriented [simulation] framework”, enabling users to create a wider variety of more complex effects.

Toolsets include volumetric modelling, particles, fluid dynamics and constraints. Each works independently of the others; and can be controlled either through Cinema 4D’s native Xpresso nodes, or COFFEE scripting.

According to Kharchi, the framework is highly multihreaded, enabling it to tackle large production scenes.

Plays well in VFX pipelines
Effex 2.0 should play well in real VFX pipelines, too: the software supports the particle file formats of many other 3D packages, including Maya, Softimage, Houdini, RenderMan and RealFlow, along with ASCII and point cloud data.

Effects can be rendered using Cinema 4D’s own renderer, enabling users to make use of Effex’s own volumetric renderer; and also rendered natively in V-Ray or Thinkbox Software’s Krakatoa.

Effex 2.0 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X. It comes bundled with Navié’s Plants plugin, and costs €299 (around $395). There is also now a free watermarked Personal Learning Edition of the software.

Read more about Effex 2.0 on the Navié website

Download the Personal Learning Edition of Effex 2.0