Monday, July 29th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Anzovin Studio releases The Setup Machine for Games

Anzovin Studio has released The Setup Machine for Games, a new version of its Maya auto-rigging plugin designed to work with most game engines, including Unreal and Unity.

Rigging made modular
TSMG uses a system of widgets to conform a standard rig, including features like stretchy limbs, anti IK pop, and smart IK/FK switching, to an existing character.

The rig can be repositioned even after the character has been skinned, without destroying any weight painting.

Bake to FBX for export
The plugin then bakes out the rig as an FBX file, so to support it, an engine only needs to be able to read the FBX format and to support both translation and rotation keys on joints.

In Unity, you can also export a Maya file that the Unity engine can read directly.

Works with future releases of Maya, too
The plugin works with Maya 2011 and up. Since TSMG is built on pyMEL, any future versions of Maya that support pyMEL should be able to run it: no need to update every time a new version of Maya itself is released.

The Setup Machine for Games is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, price $99.

Read more about The Setup Machine for Games on Anzovin Studio’s website
(Includes more demo videos)