Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

CLO Virtual Fashion releases Marvelous Designer 2024.1

CLO Virtual Fashion has released Marvelous Designer 2024.1, a the latest version of the digital clothing design software.

The update adds new generative AI toolsets for creating clothing patterns and printed designs from text prompts, and a PBR Map Generator for generating PBR texture maps.

Convert 2D patterns into animated 3D clothing
Widely used by games and animation studios, Marvelous Designer lets artists design 3D garments in the same way as real-world clothes, by stitching virtual 2D pattern parts.

Users can import an animated character model, drape clothing over it, then export the result back to a 3D application in Alembic, FBX or USD format, as an OBJ file sequence, or as a Maya cache, PC2 or MDD cache.

Marvelous Designer 2024.1: new generative AI tools for patterns and graphics
Marvelous Designer 2024.1 introduces two experimental new generative AI toolsets.

The AI Texture Generator makes is possible to generate seamless textures for 3D garments by typing in lists of key words.

There are options to select preset pattern types, including camouflage, tartan, paisley, polka dots and stripes, and a range of preset art styles.

The AI Graphic Generator, shown in the video above, works in a similar way, but generates non-repeating imagery like designs for T-shirts.

It comes with options for generating embroidery and sewn patches.

The online documentation doesn’t include any information on the AI models that the tools use, or what data they were trained on.

Updated 27 June 2024: CLO Virtual Fashion told us that texture and graphic generators are based on Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion, with “many additional technical layers applied so that the output can adequately be used in Marvelous Designer”.

New PBR Map Generator turns diffuse textures into full sets of PBR texture maps
As well as the new AI tools, Marvelous Designer 2024.1 adds a PBR Map Generator.

It automatically generates PBR texture maps matching a source diffuse texture, including normal, displacement, opacity, roughness and metalness maps.

As well as the base fabric for a garment, users can generate texture maps for trims, buttonholes and stitching, and for puckering in the garment.

The update also introduces a dedicated Trim Window for managing trims.

Pricing and availability
Marvelous Designer 2024.1 is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 12.0+.

The software is rental-only. Personal subscriptions cost $39/month or $280/year. Enterprise subscriptions cost $199/month or $1,900/year for a node-locked license, and $2,000/year for floating licenses.

Read a full list of new features in Marvelous Designer 2024.1 in the online release notes

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