Monday, May 20th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Grading add-on Final LUT lets you load 3D LUTs in Blender

Architectural visualization artist and tools developer Antoine Bagattini has released Final LUT, a new add-on for loading and managing 3D Look-Up Tables (LUTs) in Blender.

The add-on streamlines the process of using 3D LUTs exported from applications like DaVinci Resolve in .cube format inside Blender for color grading or look development.

Use 3D LUTs from other apps or online libraries for grading and look dev in Blender
Final LUT isn’t the first plugin for importing .cube files into Blender, but as far as we can see, it’s the only one to support Blender 4.x, and is being developed by the creator of some of the most popular Blender add-ons for visualization work.

The add-on extends Blender’s native color-management tools, making it easier to use 3D LUTs created in other software inside Blender.

That streamlines the process of applying looks created in specialized grading applications like DaVinci Resolve inside Blender.

Preview LUTs directly in the Blender viewport, without opening the compositor
Final LUT enables users to import LUTs in .cube format, and preview their effect directly in the viewport, without the need to open Blender’s Compositor.

The add-on also provides options for browsing, filtering and creating custom thumbnail previews for imported LUTs.

It comes bundled with 60 CC0 .cube files from Fresh LUTs, and should work with content from other online libraries.

Quadrilinear interpolation due in future updates
The implementation is described as a “bypass” of default Blender color management, and currently only supports trilinear interpolation.

Bagattini says that he plans to support tetrahedral interpolation in future updates.

System requirements
Final LUT is compatible with Blender 4.1. An individual license costs $12.

Read more about Final LUT on the plugin’s Blender Market page

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