Sunday, April 7th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Free resource: The Best 3D Turntable

DNEG CG Supervisor Cristian Spagnuolo has released The Best 3D Turntable: a free Maya template for rendering professional-quality turntables of 3D models for portfolio use.

The readymade scene uses the Arnold renderer to render turntable animations or image sequences that can be customized in Nuke or After Effects.

A readymade Maya template for rendering professional-quality turntables of 3D models
The Best 3D Turntable – that’s the name of the asset, not our official endorsement – streamlines the process of rendering 3D turntables for VFX, games, animation or visualization portfolios.

Users simply need to import the 3D model they want to showcase and pick from one of six HDRIs for environment lighting to render a turntable animation using Maya’s Arnold renderer.

The scene comes with preconfigured AOVs including clay and wireframe passes, and the option to include asset information, chrome ball renders and a Macbeth color chart in the turntables.

Users can also customize the look of turntables in compositing software by downloading accompanying Nuke and After Effects templates.

Price and system requirements
The Best 3D Turntable is free. It is developed using Maya 2024 and Nuke 15, but Spagnuolo tells us that it should be compatible with older versions of the both applications.

Download VFX artist Cristian Spagnuolo’s The Best 3D Turntable template for Maya

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