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Download 12 free movie-inspired ‘Neural Looks’ for color grading

Color Intelligence has released 12 free ‘Neural Looks’: a set of AI-generated color grading presets “inspired by renowned films, directors and cinematographers”, for use in motion graphics, VFX and general post-production projects.

The presets are provided in the firm’s X01 format, and can be edited in its Colourlab Ai and Look Designer software, or applied in After Effects or DaVinci Resolve via its free Freelab plugin.

The looks were released last year, but we haven’t covered them on CG Channel before, and as version 3 of Colourlab Ai has just been released, this seemed a good opportunity for a story.

Provided in X01 format for use in After Effects or DaVinci Resolve via the Freelab plugin
Before we get to the Neural Looks themselves, a word about the X01 format. It’s Color Intelligence’s own metadata format, intended as an alternative to to LUTs for encoding looks.

It decouples camera-related color transformations from additional creative color transformations, so looks created for one make and model of camera should also display consistently on footage from other cameras.

X01 presets can be edited in Color Intelligence’s Colourlab Ai and Look Designer software, but if you just want to apply them to footage out of the box, you can use Freelab.

A free plugin for Adobe’s After Effects and Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, it supports footage from cameras from over 40 manufacturers.

Those supported range from iPhones and GoPros to high-end cameras from ARRI, RED et al.

Freelab supports wide-gamut color spaces like ACEScct and Davinci Wide Gamut, while footage shot on an unknown camera can automatically be coverted to Rec. 709.

Free AI-generated looks inspired by popular movies, TV series and music videos
The Neural Looks were created using generative AI technology, and represent “distinct styles inspired by renowned films, directors, and cinematographers”.

Several – Revenant, Watchmen, Succession and Beef – are based on specific movies or TV shows, and there are also more general looks, including ‘Bollywood’, ‘Fellini’ and ‘Weeknd’.

Price and system requirements
The Neural Looks can be loaded in applications that support the X01 format, or via Freelab.

Freelab is compatible with Adobe applications (After Effects and Premiere Pro) or DaVinci Resolve on Windows and macOS. It’s a free download.

Download 12 free Neural Looks color grading presets

Download the free Freelab plugin for After Effects, DaVinci Resolve or Premiere Pro

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