Wednesday, December 27th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Polygonflow releases Dash 1.4 in early access

Polygonflow has released Dash 1.4, the latest version of its tool for streamlining world building in Unreal Engine 5, in early access.

The update adds a new Physics Paint tool, support for PBR texture channel packing, and native access to CC0 assets from Poly Haven in the content browser.

It is also now possible to buy the previously rental-only software as a perpetual license.

A new name for Polygonflow’s GraphN Library, minus GraphN itself
Released earlier this year, Dash is a rebranded version of the library of Unreal Engine 5 tools that used to accompany GraphN, Polygonflow’s now-discontinued node-based programming environment for Maya and Unreal Engine.

It is intended to let artists to build complex environments without having to navigate the Unreal Editor’s interface, working primarily in fullscreen mode in the viewport.

It provides readymade behaviours – accessible by typing natural-language search terms into a floating prompt bar – for common scene-building tasks like ‘create terrain’ and ‘apply water’, plus scattering tools for dressing environments.

New in Dash 1.4: physics-aware object painting and PBR texture channel packing
Dash 1.4 extends that scattering toolset with Physics Paint, a new physics-aware system for painting objects into a scene and having them settle naturally under gravity.

Other new features include channel packing, making it possible to pack multiple PBR maps into a single texture by combining RGBA channels from multiple images into one image.

The content library has also been rewritten, with users now able to browse assets from CC0 content library Poly Haven natively inside Dash.

Now available as a perpetual license for freelancers and indie artists
Other new features since the original release include tools for adding environment fog and dust to scenes, for creating triplanar materials, and a simplified cinematic camera.

Dash 1.3, released earlier this month, also makes the previously rental-only software available as a perpetual license.

Perpetual licenses are only available to artists earning under $250,000/year.

Price and system requirements
Dash is compatible with Unreal Engine 5+ on Windows only. Perpetual licenses cost $230.

Freelance subscriptions, for artists and studios with revenues under $250,000/year, cost $20/month or $190/year. Enterprise subscriptions cost $180/month or $1,700/year.

Read a full list of new features in Dash 1.4 in the online release notes

Read more about Dash on Polygonflow’s website

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