Tuesday, July 11th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Move.ai introduces monthly pricing

Move.ai has introduced monthly pricing for its promising AI-based markerless motion-capture service, which lets users extract motion data from video footage of actors.

The $50/month subscriptions provide 1,200 processing credits per month, equivalent to 20 minutes of video.

In related news, Move.ai has also announced that Move One, its new system for extracting motion-capture data from single-camera footage, will be available in beta next month.

AI-assisted markerless mocap tech extracts production-quality data from smartphone footage
Launched earlier this year, Move.ai’s iOS app lets artists generate production-quality motion-capture data from footage of an actor captured on between two and six tripod-mounted iPhones.

Move.ai compares the quality of the data generated to commercial inertial capture suits – or, if using the full six iPhones, to commercial marker-based optical capture systems.

The motion data can be retargeted to a custom character rig, and downloaded as a Maya HumanIK file or Blender scene file, or in FBX, BVH or USD format for use in other DCC applications and game engines.

A new experimental mode supports footage captured on any type of camera, including Android phones and webcams, although the quality of the data extracted is more variable.

Now available via monthly as well as annual subscriptions
Processing video via Move.ai originally required an annual subscription, something that generated a lot of feedback on social media from would-be users unwilling to sign up for an entire year.

Move.ai trialled monthly pricing earlier this year, posting on Discord that “we fully understand that our creators … come from various backgrounds”.

“Some are students. Others are hobbyists. Some are on a journey to build their very first company. We get it. So we’ve spent some time recently trying to figure out another pricing tier to offer you.”

Although the original trial only lasted a couple of weeks, it seems to have been successful enough for Move.ai to make it a permanent offering, with the firm also offering a launch discount code on Discord.

One-camera mocap system Move One to launch in August 2023
In related news, the firm has also announced Move One, a new system that will enable users to extract motion-capture data from footage captured using a single camera.

It will be rolled out in beta in August, initially on iPhone. You can register for the beta here.

Price, system requirements and availability
Registering for a free account on the Move.ai website enables you to trial experimental mode on two minutes of footage, after which, processing video requires a subscription.

Paid subscriptions cost $50/month, which provides 1,200 credits per month for processing video, or $365/year, which provides 1,800 credits per month for processing video.

Credits are consumed at a rate of one per second of video per person animated.

Processing more video requires extra credits, which cost $0.07 each for users with monthly subscriptions, or $0.04 each for users with annual subscriptions. You can find more details in Move.ai’s Fair Use Policy.

Read more details of Move.ai’s new monthly subscriptions in its online documentation

Visit the Move.ai website