Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk releases MotionBuilder 2024

A new icon in MotionBuilder’s Character Controls window makes it possible to access Symmetry functions without having to go through the Actor menu: one of several workflow improvements in MotionBuilder 2024

Autodesk has released MotionBuilder 2024, the latest version of its character animation software, commonly used for viewing and editing motion-capture data.

As with the last few annual updates, it’s primarily a workflow release, adding a new tool for viewing Python status message, extending support for undo and redo in the Schematic view, and updating the UI.

Improvements to Python workflow, UI updates, and extended FBX export
Changes in MotionBuilder 2024 include a new Python status bar, which shows the latest message from the Python console, and turns red to highlight error messages.

It is also now possible to filter sources in motion clips in Assign Sources to Destinations; and more options in the Schematic view now support undo and redeo.

UI changes include a new icon in the Character Controls window to provide access to Symmetry functions, and the option to collapse the Action panel shot stack in the Story window to free up screen space.

It is also now possible to choose custom frame rates when exporting animations in FBX format.

Pricing and system requirements
MotionBuilder 2024 is available for Windows 10+ and RHEL 8.6+/Rocky Linux 8.6+.

The software is rental-only with subscriptions now costing $2,145/year, up $100/year since the release of MotionBuilder 2022.

Read a full list of new features in MotionBuilder 2024 in the online documentation