Sunday, April 17th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 15 free smoke, fire and dust sims in VDB format

JangaFX has released nine new free gaseous fluid simulations of types commonly used in VFX and game development work, including fire, smoke, dust, tornados and clouds.

The files are provided in VDB format, making it possible to use them in a range of DCC applications.

Generated in work-in-progress real-time gaseous fluid simulation tool EmberGen
The nine new simulations cover a range of common effects, including explosions, plumes of fire and smoke, shockwaves, the dust kicked up by ground impacts, and a tornadao, the latter seamlessly loopable.

Simulation lengths range from 120 to 250 frames, and there is also a pack of 10 static clouds.

As with JangaFX’s previous pack of six free VDBs, all of the sims were generated in EmberGen, JangaFX’s real-time fluid simulation software.

Availability and system requirements
JangaFX’s 15 free gaseous fluid simulations are provided in VDB format under a CC0 licence, making it possible to use them in commercial work.

Download the free fire, smoke and explosion simulations from JangaFX’s website