Thursday, April 25th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

e-on software ships Vue R2 and PlantFactory R2

e-on software has released the latest versions of its digital nature tools, Vue and PlantFactory, referred to variously as the ‘Spring 2019’ updates, the ‘April 2019’ updates, or Vue R2 and PlantFactory R2.

Vue R2 adds the option to load scene objects directly into EcoSystems, extends the software’s cloud toolset, and adds support for displacement in the Path Tracer render engine.

PlantFactory R2 adds the option to view an interactive path traced preview of a plant.

The updates are the first to the software since Vue switched from its old system of separate perpetual licences to subscription-only product bundles with quarterly updates last year.

Vue R2: updates to EcoSystems, clouds and the Path Tracer
Vue, e-on’s landscape creation tool, gets the most new features, including the option to load objects into instanced EcoSystems directly from the scene itself: either as materials, as shown above, or via EcoPainter.

The volumetric cloud system – a focus of the previous update – gets the option to import as well as export VDB files, and a new set of cloud modulation controls to adjust the look and form of a cloud.

Cloud export is also now multi-threaded and “greatly optimised”.

Vue’s Path Tracer render engine gets support for displacement, two-sided materials and camera backdrops; and gamma management has been improved by “creating new Natural Film Response filters”.

Support for materials in Substance format has been extended, making it possible to view parameter groups and speeding up previews.

There are also the usual range of performance and workflow improvements and bugfixes: you can find a full list of changes via the link at the foot of this story.

PlantFactory R2: new path traced interactive preview
Plant-creation tool PlantFactory gets one major new feature: the option to view a real-time path traced preview of a plant, intended to give more accurate visual feedback on final rendered output.

There are also updates to gamma management and support for Substance materials, as in Vue; plus a number of stability and workflow improvements.

Pricing and availability
The latest versions of Vue and PlantFactory are available for 64-bit Windows 7+ and macOS 10.13+ as rental-only product bundles.

A Professional subscription costs $75/month or $750/year, while an Enterprise plan costs $99/month or $990/year for node-locked software licences; $1,490/year for floating licences.

Both include integration plugins for Maya 2015+, 3ds Max 2015+, Cinema 4D R15+, and LightWave 11.6+.

A Creator subscription, which includes the software’s core tools, but lacks any export options or Python scripting, costs $19.95/month or $199/year. You can see a comparison chart here.

Read an overview of the new features in Vue R2 and PlantFactory R2 on e-on software’s website

Read a full list of new features in Vue R2 and PlantFactory R2 in the online changelog