Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Shotgun Software ships Shotgun 7.11

Shotgun Software has released Shotgun 7.11, the next update to its cloud-based production tracking system, officially introducing its new Calculated Fields system for manipulating data stored in Shotgun.

Calculated Fields automate common data-processing tasks
First launched in beta in Shotgun 7.8, Calculated Fields work in much the same way as formulae do in a spreadsheet, enabing users to set up simple mathematical functions to process stored data.

As well as mathematical operations, users can convert numerical data to float values, percentages or currency, or manipulate text strings, editing or combining text.

The system enables users to automate common data-processing tasks, create graphs and reports that update with the source data, or generate simple text-based reports on the progress of a project.

New graphing options, support for Single Sign On, REST-based API for pipeline integration
Shotgun’s graphing capabilities have also been updated, including the addition of tool tips that pop up when the user hovers over a graph or chart to provide extra information about the source data.

It’s also now possible to export graphs in PNG, JPG, SVG or PDF format, and data in CSV or JSON format.

Other changes include native language support for Korean as well as Japanese and Simplified Chinese; and for users on Super Awesome accounts, support for Single Sign On.

Since we last wrote about Shotgun, the platform has also gained REST-based API, making it possible to use a wider range of programming languages to connect to it, including C#, Lua and JavaScript.

Pricing and availability
Shotgun 7.11 is available now, with pricing depending on the level of customer support: ‘Awesome’ support costs $30/account/month; ‘Super Awesome’ support costs $50/account/month.

Both subscription tiers include image- and sequence-viewing software RV for free.

Read a full list of features in Shotgun 7.11 on Shotgun Software’s blog