Thursday, December 14th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Shotgun Software releases Shotgun 7.6

Shotgun Software has released Shotgun 7.5, the next update to its cloud-based production tracking system, adding Production Insights: a new toolset for visualising project data.

Turn analytics data stored in Shotgun into instant visual reports
Production Insights is intended to convert the project data already stored in Shotgun into a form that can be read at a glance, in order to identify bottlenecks in a production or help plan future bids.

As well as Shotgun’s existing horizontal bar charts, the toolset can generate pie charts, stacked or unstacked vertical bar charts, and line graphs, with the option to filter data on the fly.

The system comes with presets for building common report types, but there look to be a fair range of customisation options, shown in the video above.

Pricing and availability
Shotgun 7.6 is available now, with pricing depending on the level of customer support: ‘Awesome’ support costs $30/account/month; ‘Super Awesome’ support costs $50/account/month.

Both subscription tiers include image- and sequence-viewing software RV for free.

Read a full list of features in Shotgun 7.6 on Shotgun Software’s blog