Friday, May 18th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Quixel releases Quixel Mixer 1.0 in beta

Originally posted on 14 March 2018. Scroll down for news of the beta release.

Quixel has posted a teaser video showing the official release version of Mixer, its intuitive tool for blending and editing scanned materials, including those from its own Megascans online library.

The software, which will be free to all Megascans subscribers, goes on show at GDC 2018.

In separate news, the company has also announced updates to NDO, DDO and 3DO, the Photoshop-based texturing tools that form part of its Quixel Suite.

Blend real-world material scan data, including that from the Megascans library
Formerly known as Megascans Studio, Mixer has been available from the Megascans website as a series of early access builds since last November’s ‘Megascans 2018’ update.

Described by Quixel CEO Teddy Bergsman as “one of those tools I’ve personally wanted for the longest time”, it is intended as an intuitive way to blend real-world material scan data.

The software is specifically designed to work with Megascans – you can access the library directly from within the software – but should work with scan data from any source.

Simple, non-destructive layer- and brush-based workflow
The preview video above shows the process of converting a simple tiling 2D asphalt texture into a complete 3D section of a street, complete with surface puddles.

The workflow is layer-based and fully non-destructive, with each new scan being imported onto its own layer, then adjusted through a combination of slider controls and numeric parameters.

As well as blending in new scan data, it’s possible to paint in details directly, including the option to paint on multiple texture channels at once, and paint in 3D details via the displacement map.

Mixer can then use the height data to mimic the effect of surface water collecting on the terrain, in a similar way to the photogrammetry filters Allegorithmic introduced in Substance Designer 5.6.

Texture maps generated by Mixer are 32-bit, PBR-ready and tile automatically. They can be exported in a range of common formats, with preset resolutions ranging up to 8,192 x 8,192px.

Mixer also enables users to specify exactly which maps are exported, and how they are composited.

Updated 18 May 2018: Mixer 1.0 is now available in beta.

As well as the features listed above, materials created in Mixer can be saved to Megascans Bridge 2018, Quixel’s free app for formatting and exporting Megascans data to game engines and DCC software.

Pricing and availability
Mixer 1.0 is available in beta for Windows and Mac OS X. You’ll need a Megascans subscription, which start at $169/year, to activate the software.

Read more about Mixer on Quixel’s Megascans website
(Includes download link)