Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Arseniy Korablev releases Polybrush 1.6

Animator and tools developer Arseniy Korablev has released Polybrush 1.6, the latest update to the low-cost 3D sculpting and concept design tool that he describes as being like a ‘3D version of Photoshop’.

The update adds proper real-time rendering in the viewport, with a range of of display modes, plus shadows, fog and colour correction.

Sketch out forms in 3D space, then refine and remesh the results
First released last year, Polybrush is intended to enable artists to sketch out 3D forms quickly and intuitively, and export the results as OBJ files.

Users can rapidly sketch out forms by painting strokes in 3D space, use sculpting brushes to modify the result, and even remesh the geometry.

Updated viewport display with real-time colour correction and fog
The 1.6 update focuses on Polybrush’s viewport display, adding a range of real-time rendering modes, including OpenGL, grey-shaded, 2D, pencil sketch and a fairly full-featured ‘Realistic’ setting.

There is also a new set of colour correction filters, including Saturation, Hue Bias and Hue Variety; plus new in-viewport options for ground fog and to control light direction.

The update also simplifies Polybrush’s Modifiers UI and improves the inline help.

Pricing and availability
Polybrush 1.6 is available now for Windows. The full edition costs $20/year, which gets you all the updates; or there is a free Lite edition limited to a single 3D layer and lacking the option to save custom brushes.

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