Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Arseniy Korablev releases Polybrush 1.5

Animator and tools developer Arseniy Korablev has released Polybrush 1.5, the latest update to the low-cost 3D sculpting and concept design tool he describes as being like a ‘3D version of Photoshop’.

The update adds a new system for creating 3D forms by placing chains of ‘bones’, then creating surfaces between them; or by converting the bones to 3D pipes.

Sketch out forms in 3D space, then refine and remesh the results
First released last year, Polybrush is intended to enable artists to sketch out 3D forms quickly and intuitively, and export the results as OBJ files.

In early demos, it came across as a cross between ZBrush or Sculptris and Braid Art Labs’ organic modelling software GroBoto, with a few unique features of its own.

Users can rapidly sketch out forms by painting strokes in 3D space, use sculpting brushes to modify the result, and even remesh the geometry.

Create forms by placing bones, then converting them to geometry
To that, Polybrush 1.5 adds the option to generate forms by placing ‘bones’ – very much like their namesakes in a character rig – then using the new Surface tool to create geometry between them.

There are a range of controls to adjust the form of the resulting surface, including the option to add wave modifiers to create an effect like folded cloth.

A separate Pipes replaces bones with hollow tubes, making it possible to create branching structures.

Since we last wrote about Polybrush, Korablev has put out a regular series of updates to the software, with previous releases also adding a Lathe tool and the option to set up reference image planes for modelling.

You can find a more complete changelog here.

Pricing and availability
Polybrush 1.5 is available now for Windows. The full edition costs $20/year, which gets you all the updates; or there is a free Lite edition limited to a single 3D layer and lacking the option to save custom brushes.

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