Friday, September 23rd, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download the free Allright Rig for Unreal Engine

Technical artist Alexander Shatalov has made the Allright Rig, his library of nodes and macros for automatically creating character rigs and editing character animation in Unreal Engine 4, available for free.

The tool, which is still officially in beta, was previously intended to be a commercial product with a projected final price of $100, but is now freely available thanks to a recent Unreal Dev Grant.

Create and edit character animation directly in the UE4 editor
Shatalov began work on the Allright Rig earlier this year, with the aim of making it possible to create and edit character animation directly in the UE4 editor.

The library provides a readymade biped rig, compatible with any character that uses the same skeletal hierarchy as UE4’s default Mannequin Skeleton, and retargetable to others.

The controls for the rig are customisable, and users can pose characters by manipulating the rig directly in the viewport, or via Blueprints, UE4’s visual scripting system.

Finished animation can be played via Sequencer, the new cinematics editor introduced in Unreal Engine 4.11, or saved as a standard Animation Sequence.

The Animation Sequence can be edited using UE4’s standard tools, and the results baked back to the rig. According to Shatalov, among other uses, the workflow makes it possible to clean mocap data inside UE4.

Beta 1.1 of the Allright Rig is available as a free download from Alexander Shatalov’s website, along with an eye-rigging script for Maya. It’s compatible with the latest version of Unreal Engine.

Read more about the Allright Rig on Alexander Shatalov’s website
(Includes the download link and full online documentation)

Read the product roadmap for the Allright Rig on Trello