Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ephere unveils Lucid for 3ds Max

3ds Max tools developer Ephere has announced Lucid: a new plugin that implements FleX, Nvdia’s GPU-based real-time physics system, within 3ds Max.

Create fast, GPU-based unified physics simulations
Recently also integrated into Unreal Engine 4, FleX is a unified, particle-based representation of a range of real-world phenomena, including rigid bodies, soft bodies and cloth.

The demo above shows all of those object types, and more – the software also includes presets for inflatable objects and rubber – all controlled through the new Lucid modifier, which has a basic range of settings.

As you would expect, the simulations calculate quickly – at least on relatively simple scenes – and being a unified solver, each material type interacts natively with the others.

Pricing and availability
Lucid is currently in early beta. Registered users of Ephere products can sign up to test the software via the firm’s Contact Us page. The commercial release date and pricing haven’t been announced yet.

Visit the Lucid product page on Ephere’s website