Monday, October 20th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: interactive renders in Corona Renderer

Corona Renderer for 3ds Max’s new interactive render preview in action on a six-core Core i7-4930K workstation with 32GB RAM. The preview is CPU-based, and feature-identical to the production renderer.

Render Legion has posted two videos of the new interactive render preview in Corona Renderer for 3ds Max, in the run up to the software’s commercial release next month.

A new twist on an old standard
The first test scene shows an old staple of GPU rendering demos: a car lit with an HDRI. The voiceover explains that the intent is to demonstrate that the CPU-based interactive preview is as fast as a GPU-based engine.

However, there are a few new twists: during the demo, the car is instanced 100,000 times using the Corona Scatter tool, creating a total of 147 billion triangles, and rendering still remains (semi-)interactive.

A second test uses a scene more representative of real-world production, instancing 1,000 one-million-triangle trees, complete with translucency on the leaves.

There’s also a bonus video showing the interactive renderer in action on a 5.5-trillion-poly scene. As you might imagine, the frame rate isn’t high, but it’s intended as an extreme test.

The interactive renderer is purely CPU-based and supports all of the features of the final-frame render engine. It supports all of 3ds Max’s native and third-party maps.

Read more about the interactive render preview on the Corona Renderer blog