Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Lagoa.com adds support for hair rendering


Cloud render service Lagoa.com now enables users to upload hair data in ASE format. The hair in this test render was created in 3ds Max and Hair Farm, and uses a base model by Lee Perry-Smith.

Lagoa Technologies has updated Lagoa.com, its online rendering and collaboration platform, to support hair rendering. Users can now upload the hair splines in ASE format and render them in the cloud.

The amazing-looking test image above was created in 3ds Max using Cyber Radiance’s Hair Farm plugin, and rendered using Lagoa’s default hair shader.

Lagoa founder Thiago Costa has posted some more images on CGSociety, showing how well the render holds up in close up.

Other new features rolled out in the update include support for HDR files in .hdr file format as well as .exr, real-time bump mapping, new options for commenting on projects, and improved support for Firefox.

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