Thursday, September 5th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Lagoa launches Lagoa 1.5

Lagoa has launched Lagoa 1.5, an update to its online collaboration and rendering platform, adding support for background rendering (above), a new sun and sky light, and the option to embed Lagoa scenes in web pages.

The platform, which can be accessed via any WebGL-enabled browser, enables teams to upload models to the cloud, apply physically based materials, and see the results rendered in real time by Lagoa’s unbiased engine.

Updates to materials, lighting and rendering
Version 1.5 adds the option to generate background renders while continuing to work on a scene. The system can generate a series of renders simultaneously; and users can specify a maximum calculation time for each one.

Other new features include a physical sun and sky, and physically accurate cameras with standard settings like DoF, focal length, number of blades and blade rotation.

The materials system gains blending modifiers, enabling users to combine existing presets; and there are new lasso and rectangle selection tools.

Embed Lagoa scenes in ordinary web pages
Finally, Lagoa scenes can now be embedded in ordinary web pages via standard iframe tags. Viewers can navigate the embedded scene interactively, or manipulate it with transformation tools.

Lagoa 1.5 is available now. A trial account is free, while a Professional account, which adds more online storage and the option to create private projects, costs $50 per month.

Read a full list of new features in Lagoa 1.5