Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

AAA Studio to release FurryBall for 3ds Max

A FurryBall 3.2 render test: according AAA Studio, the same scene takes 40 minutes to render in mental ray at 4 samples per pixel. The developer is now working on a 3ds Max edition of the previously Maya-only renderer.

AAA Studio has released FurryBall 3.2, the latest update to its GPU-based render engine, and announced that it is working on a version of the previously Maya-only renderer for 3ds Max.

FurryBall was recently used on Czech animated feature Goat Story 2, which AAA Studio claims to be the first CGI movie to have been rendered entirely on GPU.

Reduced price, new 3ds Max edition in development
Version 3.2 is mainly bugfixes (you can read the release notes here), but stereoscopic support, previously only available in the €1,499 Stereo edition, has now been included in the standard edition of the software.

AAA Studio has also announced that it is working on a 3ds Max version of the renderer. It’s still early in development, but you can register your interest in the new FurryBall for 3ds Max forum.

FurryBall 3.2 is available now for Maya 2010 and above on Windows only, price €999 (around $1,300).

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