Thursday, January 18th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: Cascadeur for mobile

Nekki has posted a preview video for a new mobile edition of Cascadeur, its AI-assisted character animation software.

The edition, which will run on iPad and iPhone, will be released in beta in March 2024.

Create animations based on real-world physics, aided by machine-learning-based tools
Launched in 2019, Cascadeur is intended as an artist-friendly alternative to conventional animation software for game development, motion graphics or visual effects work.

Although it has standard tools for rigging, posing and animating characters, its unique selling point is a set of AI-assisted, semi-automated toolsets.

Key poses can be quickly established for a character via the AutoPosing system, which lets users reposition a small number of joints, and have Cascadeur take care of the rest of the body.

The software can then calculate a physically correct trajectory between the poses, or convert an existing animation into a physically accurate version via its AI-based AutoPhysics system..

New mobile edition: pose and animate characters in augmented reality?
The preview of the mobile edition shows a user posing a character to match a reference photo, using gesture controls and a simplified version of the standard Cascadeur interface.

The character isn’t shown in motion, but the top menu bar includes buttons labelled Trajectory, Ghosts and AutoPhysics, so presumably, it’s possible to animate as well as pose characters.

Interestingly, there is also a button labelled ‘AR Mode’, opening up the possibility of viewing the animation in context against the feed from a mobile device’s camera.

According to Cascadeur’s comments on replies to its tweet, the mobile edition is expected to enter beta for Apple devices in in March, but there are currently no plans for an Android edition.

Price, system requirements and release date
Nekki expects to release the mobile edition of Cascadeur in beta in March 2024. It will be compatible with iOS and iPadOS. The firm hasn’t announced pricing yet.

You can find pricing and system requirements for the desktop edition in this story on Cascadeur 2023.2, the current stable version of the software.

Visit the Cascadeur website
(No information on the mobile edition at the time of writing)

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Editor’s note: in the light of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, readers may wish to know that Nekki’s development teams are located in Russia, although the company is headquartered in Cyprus.