Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Chaos announces V-Ray for ARM

Chaos has announced that it plans to support ARM-based processors in its V-Ray renderer, as well as AMD and Intel CPUs.

In a brief blog post, Chaos says that it is working on “general V-Ray support” for ARM-based processors running on Linux systems.

Reducing power consumption when running V-Ray on Linux, particularly in the cloud
Although ARM processors have historically been associated with mobile devices, the architecture is now more widely being used in desktop systems and cloud instances.

Chaos’s blog post comments that “so far, AWS benchmarks of ARM-based CPUs against comparable x86 processors show similar performance at a reduced cost of operation” – that is, lower power consumption.

ARM processors are supported by a range of Linux distros, including those commonly used in DCC applications like RHEL and Ubuntu.

According to the blog post, Chaos is working on “general V-Ray support”, which suggests that ARM processors will be supported in both V-Ray Standalone and editions of the renderer for DCC applications available on Linux, like V-Ray for Maya.

Price, system requirements and release date
V-Ray for ARM processors is “coming soon”. Chaos hasn’t announced an exact release date or system requirements. You can find details of current V-Ray pricing in this story.

Read Chaos’s blog post announcing support for ARM processors in V-Ray

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