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Adobe adds new generative AI capabilities to Photoshop 25.9 Beta

Posted on 23 April 2024. Adobe has now released the stable version of Photoshop 25.9.

Adobe has released Photoshop 25.9, the latest public beta of its image-editing software, adding a range of generative AI capabilities powered by its new Firefly Image 3 AI model.

They include Generate Image, a complete new text-to-image system, and Generate Background, which automatically replaces the background of an image with AI content.

Photoshop’s existing Generative Fill feature gets new options to upload a reference image to guide its output, and to generate variant images with a similar content and style.

The beta was released today alongside Photoshop 25.7, the new stable version of the software.

New Generate Image feature generates entire images from text prompts
The new public beta continues the rollout of features powered by Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI platform, inside Photoshop.

The first two Firefly tools – Generative Fill, for replacing part of an image with AI content, and Generative Expand, for extending its borders – were released last year in Photoshop 25.0.

In Photoshop 25.9, they are joined by the ability to create entire images from scratch, in the shape of new text-to-image system Generate Image.

It enables users to generate images – either photorealistic content, or more stylized images suitable for use as illustrations or concept art – by entering simple text descriptions.

The results can be refined with Photoshop’s new Generate Similar and Reference Image control options – about which, more later.

Generate Background automatically replaces the background of images with AI content
Photoshop 25.9 also adds a second new generative AI tool, Generate Background.

It’s based on Generative Fill, but rather than replacing a user-selected portion of an image with AI-generated content, it automatically detects and replaces the background of the image.

Users can guide the output by entering a brief text description, with Photoshop automatically matching the lighting and perspective of the foreground objects in the content it generates.

New control options for the existing Generative Fill feature
Generative Fill itself gets three new control options in Photoshop 25.9.

Generate Similar, shown above, automatically generates variations of a source image, making it possible to iterate more quickly on design ideas.

Reference Image makes it possible to upload a reference image to guide the new content that Photoshop generates, in addition to entering a text prompt.

Enhance Detail is a more conventional image-enhancement option, albeit an AI-based one, improving the “sharpness and clarity” of the content generated.

Paint adjustments directly onto an image with the new Adjustment Brush
Photoshop 25.9 also includes one new non-AI-based tool: the Adjustment Brush.

It lets users apply non-destructive adjustments to images, including Brightness/Contrast, Exposure, Vibrance and Hue/Saturation, by painting them on directly, as shown above.

Price, system requirements and release date
Photoshop 25.9 is currently available in beta. Beta builds are available free to subscribers via Adobe’s Creative Cloud desktop app.

The new AI features will be available in a stable release of the software “later this year”.

You can find details of system requirements and pricing in this story on Photoshop 25.7.

Read more about the latest features in the beta version of Photoshop
(Currently includes information on the new features in Photoshop 25.9)

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