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RealityCapture is now free to indie artists and studios

Epic Games has released RealityCapture 1.4, the latest version of the photogrammetry software.

The update changes RealityCapture’s pricing model, making it free to artists and studios with revenue under $1 million/year, with subscriptions costing $1,250/year for larger companies.

The old credit-based pay-per-input pricing has been discontinued.

Converts large mixed data sets into clean production assets
Released in 2016, and acquired by Epic Games in 2021, RealityCapture generates accurate triangle-based meshes of real-world objects, from people and props to environments.

It is capable of tackling very large mixed data sets, even on laptops and low-end hardware.

The software includes functionality aimed at aerial surveying and urban planning, but is also used in the entertainment industry to generate assets for use in games and VFX projects.

RealityCapture 1.4: now free to artists and studios earning under $1 million/year
The main change in RealityCapture 1.4 is the new pricing model, announced last month as part of a wider series of changes to Epic Games’ products, including Unreal Engine and Twinmotion.

The software is now free to artists and studios with gross revenue under $1 million/year, including for use on commercial projects.

For larger companies, the old $3,750 perpetual license has been discontinued, in favor of $1,250/seat/year subscriptions.

RealityCapture and Twinmation are also available as part of the new $1,850/seat/year Unreal Engine subscriptions – again, only payable by studios with revenue over $1 million/year.

Can now open and convert old PPI projects now that the PPI model has been discontinued
In addition, RealityCapture’s old credit-based pay-per-input (PPI) model has been discontinued. Existing customers have 12 months to use any remaining credits before they expire.

Since PPI builds of the software are no longer available, Epic Games has added the ability to open existing PPI projects in RealityCapture 1.4, provided you have an internet connection.

That should enable users to import and resave PPI projects, making it possible to use them in future versions of the software. You can find more details in the release notes.

In addition, RealityCapture is now available in the Epic Developer Portal, making it possible to buy new seats on a self-service basis.

Few other new features
Other than that, there are no major new features: the biggest change listed in the release notes is the ability to upload non-georeferenced projects to online collaboration platform Nira.

Price and system requirements
RealityCapture 1.4 is available for Windows 7+ and Windows Server 2008+. It’s CUDA-based, so you will need a CUDA 3.0-capable Nvidia GPU.

You can find details of the new pricing in the story above.

Read a full list of changes in RealityCapture 1.4 in the online changelog

Read Epic Games’ FAQs about the new pricing for RealityCapture

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