Tuesday, March 12th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Reallusion releases free Audio2Face plugins for iClone

Reallusion has released two free plugins linking iClone to Audio2Face, making it easier to use NVIDIA’s AI-based facial animation system to create lip-sync animations from audio tracks.

The Audio2Face plugins for iClone streamline the process of exporting a 3D character from Character Creator, Reallusion’s character-generation tool, or iClone, its real-time animation software, to Audio2Face, then exporting the animation back to iClone.

A free AI-based tool for creating multilingual lip-sync animations from audio recordings
First released in 2021, Audio2Face is an AI-based app for generating facial animation from audio, available as part of NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform.

While it can also animate changes of facial expression, its main use is to generate lip-sync animation from recordings of an actor’s voice.

Unlike many automated lip-sync systems, it isn’t English-centric – the 2023.1 update added a new AI model based on a female Chinese character – with Reallusion’s announcement noting its “exceptional ability” to generate animation from any language, including “songs and gibberish”.

New plugins make linking iClone and Audio2Face a one-step process
Although Audio2Face already supports Reallusion characters and can stream the facial animation it generates to other apps, the new plugins greatly simplify workflow.

The first plugin, CC Character Auto Setup, exports CC3+ characters from Character Creator or iClone to Audio2Face, “condensing the manual 18-step process into a single step”.

The second plugin, Audio2Face (A2F) for iClone, transfers facial animation generated by Audio2Face back to iClone, and includes controls for tweaking or smoothing the animation.

The workflow provides an alternative to iClone’s built-in AccuLips automated lip sync system.

Pricing and system requirements
The Audio2Face for iClone plugins are compatible with iClone 8.4+, Audio2Face 2023.2+ and Character Creator 4.4+. They’re a free download.

To use them, users also need the free Character Creator and iClone Omniverse Connectors.

Character creator and iClone are available for Windows 7+. New licences have MSRPs of $299 and $599, respectively.

Audio2Face is available for Windows 10+, and is free as part of Omniverse.

Read more about Reallusion’s free Audio2Face for iClone plugins
(Inludes a link to the download)

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