Thursday, August 5th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

ftrack unveils cineSync Play

ftrack has announced cineSync Play, a new desktop application for frame sequence playback, due to be available free with ftrack Studio, its cloud-based production-tracking system for VFX, animation and VR/AR.

The app, an “integrated desktop media player for local review of high-res frame sequences [and] video” is due for release later this year, but you can register for the beta now.

The latest crossover between ftrack and Cospective’s technology
cineSync Play is the latest convergence between ftrack’s products and Cospective’s cineSync shot playback and review technology, which ftrack acquired in 2019.

At the time, the firm opted not to provide cineSync itself with ftrack Studio, commenting that “what we won’t do is force our customers to buy a bundle”.

Instead, cineSync’s synchronous review technology was integrated into ftrack Studio and its sister product ftrack Review last year, augmented by a paid add-on, Review Pro.

A desktop app for playing back content difficult to view in a browser
As a desktop movie and image sequence viewer, cineSync Play would occupy a similar relationship to ftrack Studio as Autodesk’s RV does to ShotGrid, its rival production-tracking system.

The new app is intended to for viewing content that would be difficult to play back smoothly online, like high-resolution video and image sequences.

ftrack product manager Rory McGregor commented that it would allow review of “content not viewable in a browser, while [providing] full access to [the] ftrack workspace, versions, notes and tasks”.

Pricing and availability
cineSync Play is due in beta “soon”. You can register for the beta via the link below. New users will also be able to test the software by starting a free trial of ftrack Studio.

It isn’t mentioned on the product webpage, but ftrack has confirmed to us that cineSync Play will be available free to ftrack Studio users. ftrack Studio subscriptions start at $25/month/user.

Register your interest in the beta of cineSync Play