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Move AI releases Move One

Move AI has released Move One, its much-anticipated AI-based markerless iOS mocap app.

The app lets users extract animation from video of an actor recorded on a single iPhone, in FBX or USD format, for use in DCC apps and game engines like Blender, Maya and UE5.

Extract high-quality body and finger mocap from video captured on a single iPhone
Released earlier this year to positive feedback, the original Move.ai app is intended to generate production-quality mocap data from video recorded on two to six tripod-mounted iPhones.

Move One brings the same markerless motion-capture technology to single-camera footage.

Users record a clip of an actor on their iPhone, beginning in the A-Pose and ensuring that the actor stays in frame throughout the shot, then upload it for processing online.

The processed animation can be downloaded in FBX or USD (.usdc) format for use in DCC apps or game engines, with a new Chrome extension making it possible to send data directly to a PC.

It supports clips of up to 60 seconds in length, and the original video can be exported alongside the FBX file, which includes both full-body motion and finger tracking, but not facial animation.

You can get a feel for the quality of the results from the videos on the Move One page on Move AI’s website, which were created by beta testers of the app.

Mocap data generated by Move One. Move AI’s new app extracts hand and body motion from video of an actor captured on a single iPhone. Demo created by UK animation studio Lolly.

How does Move One differ from the original Move.ai app?
Given that Move One has only a single camera view from which to extract data, there are, obviously, some limitations when compared to a multi-camera set-up.

Whereas the multi-camera system supports multiple actors – typical capture volumes support up to three – Move One can currently capture only one person at a time.

And unlike when using the web app for multi-camera set-ups, it doesn’t seem to be possible to generate a Blender file or Maya HIK file regargeted to a custom character.

However, the online documentation includes walkthroughs for retargeting animation data generated in Move One manually inside Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Price and system requirements
Move One is compatible with iOS 16.4+. The app itself is free. Processing data is priced on a credit basis, with one credit corresponding to one second of processed video.

Registering for a free account on the Move AI website gives you 30 credits, after which, processing video requires a paid subcription. Free accounts are limited to 30-second videos.

The Move One Starter Plan costs $30/month, which includes 300 credits per month; or $288/year, which includes 3,600 credits per year. Unused credits do not roll over between subscription periods.

Read more about Move One on Move AI’s website

Download the Move One app from the App Store

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